Find Out What’s ‘In Store’

So maybe you just moved into a new apartment or simply feel like re-decorating your living space. Forget Ikea. The trick is to find pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind and most importantly, express your own personal style. If  you’re not sure where to begin, then you will really love this Vlog! In Store Designer introduces you to all the great local shops and gives you a crash course on interior design.

Hosted by Eric Meeks, this original content web series brings you inside the showrooms of Los Angeles’ premiere interior design stores. Not only do you get an exclusive glimpse inside these amazing stores, Eric also gets the inside scoop and creative insights from the designers themselves. After watching these different webesodes, you’ll be inspired to find your own unique interior design style.

Some of the local shops that have been featured on In Store Designer so far have included:

Craig Olsen


Landon Cole

A + R

Silica Three

Most recently, Eric reveals what’s in store at Rehab Vintage:

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