The Roxy: Jason Reeves & Joe Brooks

The intimacy of The Roxy Theatre makes it a great venue for live music. Located along the famous Sunset Strip of Hollywood, this theatre boasts an impressive lineup of artistic talent and has been family owned since 1973.

Recently I went to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Jason Reeves at The Roxy and ended up discovering another amazing artist, Joe Brooks! What an incredible show full of heart and raw talent… not to mention their incredible guitar-playing.

Jason Reeves, a self-taught guitarist, moved out west to California on a mission to pursue a career as a musician. He’s already made his mark in the industry with his “The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (And other Fighting Tales)” album. He’s also collaborated with Colbie Caillat whom he wrote and recorded my personal favorite song, “Droplets” with. At The Roxy, Jason focused on performing some of his new songs in addition to some older ones like, “When Life Was Good.”  I was fortunate enough to have the chance to meet Jason after his show at the Hotel Cafe and get an autographed copy of his not-yet-completed, “Patience for the Waiting (Special Edition EP)” cd. Luckily for me, Jason plays a fair amount of shows in the L.A. area so I look forward to having the chance to see him play again.

Following Jason Reeves was a newly signed artist (originally from the UK), Joe Brooks! I was blown away by his talent and stage presence; he really knew exactly how to engage a crowd! Starting his set with his own rendition of the Black-Eyed Peas’ “What a Feeling,” he really captured the audience. My favorite songs from his set were his upcoming single, “Superman” and his other new song, “Feel the Sunshine.” With his charismatic personality and musical talent, he definitely impressed me and I look forward to following his music. Now that he’s an LA resident (Sherman Oaks to be specific) I hope to see a lot more of Joe Brooks and can’t wait for his new album to be released 🙂

Definitely check out both of their fan pages on Facebook!

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