X-Games! Superpipe Super Stars

Wow! What incredible competition in both the Men’s and Women’s Superpipe Finals!

First, in the Men’s competition, Shaun White remained untouchable even after a horrific blow to his chin attempting a Double McTwist trick during a practice run less than an hour before the competition!

Yikes! You can almost feel the pain!

Some athletes (slated to compete in the upcoming Vancouver Olympics) may have opted out of this X-Games event after a slip up like that, just to play it safe…. There was no such thought process for Shaun White; he was determined to put the uncharacteristic fall behind him and hit the Superpipe competition full force!

He rode… and he dominated!

Can’t wait to see Shaun in Vancouver!

As far as the Women’s Superpipe, it was really a battle between two US boarders, Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark! With Gretchen earning an impressive 96.66 on her second run Kelly came back with a solid third run leaving it in the hands of the judges to determine who would win gold. Aspen native, Gretchen Bleiler took home the gold, beating Kelly’s score by just .06th of a point! Awesome runs by two of our US Olympic boarders! In third place was another US rider, Hannah Teter!

Here’s a look at Gretchen’s winning run!

Can’t wait for the 2010 Winter Olympics! USA is looking strong in the Snowboarding category… Predictions?