X-Games! Superpipe Super Stars

Wow! What incredible competition in both the Men’s and Women’s Superpipe Finals!

First, in the Men’s competition, Shaun White remained untouchable even after a horrific blow to his chin attempting a Double McTwist trick during a practice run less than an hour before the competition!

Yikes! You can almost feel the pain!

Some athletes (slated to compete in the upcoming Vancouver Olympics) may have opted out of this X-Games event after a slip up like that, just to play it safe…. There was no such thought process for Shaun White; he was determined to put the uncharacteristic fall behind him and hit the Superpipe competition full force!

He rode… and he dominated!

Can’t wait to see Shaun in Vancouver!

As far as the Women’s Superpipe, it was really a battle between two US boarders, Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark! With Gretchen earning an impressive 96.66 on her second run Kelly came back with a solid third run leaving it in the hands of the judges to determine who would win gold. Aspen native, Gretchen Bleiler took home the gold, beating Kelly’s score by just .06th of a point! Awesome runs by two of our US Olympic boarders! In third place was another US rider, Hannah Teter!

Here’s a look at Gretchen’s winning run!

Can’t wait for the 2010 Winter Olympics! USA is looking strong in the Snowboarding category… Predictions?


No Stoppin’ 20-1 Syracuse!

If I could only use one word to define the 2010 Syracuse men’s basketball team it would be: TEAMWORK. Working their way up the ranks (currently ranked #4 in the nation) this cohesive team could prove to be Jim Boeheim’s golden ticket to another championship!

After demolishing Georgetown 73-56 (after a rocky start) and witnessing Kentucky (the #1 ranked team) lose to un-ranked South Carolina in last night’s upset, it will be interesting to see where Syracuse ends up in the rankings. Syracuse currently boasts a 20-1 record… with their only loss of the season to #17 Pitt.

Last year, Syracuse credited super-star players Johnny Flynn and Eric Devendorf for their success in making it to the Sweet 16 last year. Although it’s hard to ignore the superstar power of Wesley Johnson and Andy Rautins, the Syracuse team as a whole stands out as a cohesive team whose athleticism and impeccable communication skills on the court makes them an unstoppable force. Oh and how could I fail to mention their mastery of Boeheim’s zone defense.

With an amazing starting lineup and a strong bench, this team might be the most well balanced team in the nation. Their on and off court chemistry is undeniable:

Senior guard Andy Rautins: “That takes all five guys being on the same page. It takes chemistry, verbal commitment, talking all the time, making adjustments on the fly, staying active and maintaining your energy.”

Iowa State transfer, Wes Johnson : “We’re all good friends, and we’re all a big strong family. And that carries over to the court.”

(USA Today: No.4 Syracuse rides teamwork, new star on path to 20-1 start)

This team is definitely making this Syracuse Alum proud! Go ‘Cuse! Don’t miss their next game on Saturday against DePaul and make sure to follow @SUOrangeEmpire for all the latest on the team.

I Ride For Kevin

On December 31, professional snowboarder, Kevin Pearce sustained “severe traumatic brain injury” after catching his toe side edge on the landing of a cab double cork on the half pipe in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Kevin was in Utah practicing for the Olympic qualifier competition that he was set to compete in at Mammoth Mountain this week. With the Vancouver Winter Olympics only a month away, in February, Kevin will have to sit this one out and will be greatly missed by his fans. Yesterday Kevin’s condition was upgraded to “serious” after being in “critical condition” for days following the accident.

Kevin Pearce was born and raised in Vermont where he began boarding at the age of 5. Growing up with snow and mountains as his playground, Kevin quickly honed his skills and gained recognition among the snowboarding elite. He even beat Shaun White is the 2008 Burton European Open with this incredible run–>

With accomplishments like that and sponsorships from Burton Snowboards, Oakley, Volcom and Amp (just to name a few) you know he’s made it in the realm of snowboarding!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin and his family. If you’d like to show your support for Kevin and wish him a speedy recovery, visit I Ride For Kevin.

Stay strong Kevin… see you on the slopes!

Orange Hoopin’

What an incredible win for Syracuse basketball!! Ranked #25, Syracuse dominated North Carolina (#4) to win the Coaches vs Cancer Tournament! Congrats!!

I don’t want to jinx the season, but I think this could be the year for Jim Boeheim to lead Syracuse to the Championship. With Senior, Andy Rautins back on the court  he’s leading this young and extremely talented team. Commentators are already pointing out Junior transfer, Wes Johnson as being a top draft contender and the Freshmen are looking confident and promising.

Let the 2010 Syracuse Basketball Season begin!!