The Roxy: Jason Reeves & Joe Brooks

The intimacy of The Roxy Theatre makes it a great venue for live music. Located along the famous Sunset Strip of Hollywood, this theatre boasts an impressive lineup of artistic talent and has been family owned since 1973.

Recently I went to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Jason Reeves at The Roxy and ended up discovering another amazing artist, Joe Brooks! What an incredible show full of heart and raw talent… not to mention their incredible guitar-playing.

Jason Reeves, a self-taught guitarist, moved out west to California on a mission to pursue a career as a musician. He’s already made his mark in the industry with his “The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (And other Fighting Tales)” album. He’s also collaborated with Colbie Caillat whom he wrote and recorded my personal favorite song, “Droplets” with. At The Roxy, Jason focused on performing some of his new songs in addition to some older ones like, “When Life Was Good.”  I was fortunate enough to have the chance to meet Jason after his show at the Hotel Cafe and get an autographed copy of his not-yet-completed, “Patience for the Waiting (Special Edition EP)” cd. Luckily for me, Jason plays a fair amount of shows in the L.A. area so I look forward to having the chance to see him play again.

Following Jason Reeves was a newly signed artist (originally from the UK), Joe Brooks! I was blown away by his talent and stage presence; he really knew exactly how to engage a crowd! Starting his set with his own rendition of the Black-Eyed Peas’ “What a Feeling,” he really captured the audience. My favorite songs from his set were his upcoming single, “Superman” and his other new song, “Feel the Sunshine.” With his charismatic personality and musical talent, he definitely impressed me and I look forward to following his music. Now that he’s an LA resident (Sherman Oaks to be specific) I hope to see a lot more of Joe Brooks and can’t wait for his new album to be released 🙂

Definitely check out both of their fan pages on Facebook!

Jason Reeves Fan Page

Joe Brooks Fan Page



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Caillat & Reeves

A few weeks ago, I was in for a surprise! I was taken to the Hollywood Palladium around 6:30 with no idea what was in store. I saw nothing to indicate anything of interest…. the billboard read, “Buick Regal 2011.” No offense, but I’m definitely not a Buick type of girl. After a great catered dinner from Wolfgang Puck, an open bar and hearing the “big wigs” from Buick try to convince themselves that the new Buick is “cool,” they announced the musical guest, Colbie Caillat (@ColbieCaillat)!!

Despite the lackluster crowd consisting of grandmas and grandpas (Buick owners) Colbie really sang her heart out and stole the show. She played a long set and sang most of my favorites… Fearless, Fallin’ For You and Bubbly. Her music is inspirational and her talent is real.

After her performance we headed over to my favorite spot, The Hotel Cafe to see Jason Reeves(@JasonReeves)! He might just be my new favorite artist… incredibly real and humble and an amazing guitarist. Although, we missed part of his set, the four songs I heard really won me over and I was lucky enough to get an autographed copy of his cd!

Incredible night of great music… just wish they had performed together so I could’ve heard my absolute favorite song, Droplets that they co-wrote. Next time 🙂

Dueling Pianos & Good Times

Saint Rocke

This weekend, I discovered a new fun place out by Redondo/Hermosa Beach. Instead of the usual pier bars, my friend Melissa introduced me to this cool bar, Saint Rocke! Fright nights at Saint Rocke feature live music in the form of dueling pianos! With all the classic Billy Joel and Journey covers, they also took requests form the guests.

If you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend checking this place out! Unlike most of the bars on Hermosa Pier, this bar has lots of tables and space to stand. Great drink selections, friendly staff,  and no cover.

Michelle Featherstone

I love discovering new songs and artists… whether it be a song playing on an episode of Brothers & Sisters or an artist I happen to catch performing live at a show. If there were one new artist that stands out to me, it would definitely be, Michelle Featherstone.

I just happened to go to The Hotel Cafe on a night she was performing. The moment I heard her play the song, Careful, I was drawn to the lyrics and unique sound. If I had to compare her to any other artist, I would describe her music as a combination of Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton. That really doesn’t do her justice though; she has this incredibly unique style and sound.

When I saw her a second time at The Hotel Cafe I bought her album, Blue Bike! I can’t get enough of the cd; I’ve been playing it none-stop ever since! Definitely watch out for Michelle Featherstone… she’s going to be big.

If you’re interested definitely check out her music on iTunes! I’m all about supporting talented artists! –> Michelle Featherstone

The Hotel Cafe

I’ve been to my fair share of concerts/shows since moving to L.A. and The Hotel Cafe definitely still tops on my list of favorite venues to see a show! It’s classy, intimate and features some great “unknown” artists that I have come to love. Not to mention, the occasional big stars that stop by as “special guests”  like John Mayer and umm Hanson (okay maybe not so big anymore…) but pretty impressive! There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite artist in such an intimate and personal setting.

Not only does it have an awesome atmosphere and attract great artists, it’s easy to find (right off the 101 in Hollywood at 1623 N Cahuenga Blvd) and has convenient parking. The cover is reasonable ranging between $5-$15 (depending on the musical artist) and the crowd is quite mature and chill. It’s a great place to go on a week-night if you’re into discovering cool new artists!

You can follow @thehotelcafe to find out who is playing. I recommend being spontaneous and showing up on a random night… you never know what you might discover. Just enjoy the atmosphere and music!

John Mayer’s New Single!

John Mayer is a lyrical genius in my opinion. His songs have this way of giving life to such raw emotions as love, heartbreak and hope.

This line always gives me chills, ” ‘All you need is love’ is a lie. We had love but we still said, ‘goodbye.’ Now we’re tired, battered fighters.” (Lyrics from Splitscreen Sadness)

Unlike other pop artists, John comes across as fresh and unique with his unmatchable guitar-playing skills (thanks mostly to his self-proclaimed “giant” thumbs). Being a new guitar player myself, I can really appreciate John’s intricate playing, most notably, in his song, Neon.

Judging from the infamous tweets ala @johncmayer, John Mayer must have lots of free time on his hands to be able to tweet his play-by-plays or maybe this is just his well thought out plan to self-promote… either way, I’m going to be first in line to buy my copy of Battle Studies (yes, I am actually going to Best Buy and buying the actual, physical CD!) His first single, Who Says (that came out today! –> is admittedly, just… “good” in comparison to the other songs “in the works” for the album. I fell in love with Half of My Heart and Heartbreak Warefare the first time I heard the live versions.

Can’t wait for this one!