No Stoppin’ 20-1 Syracuse!

If I could only use one word to define the 2010 Syracuse men’s basketball team it would be: TEAMWORK. Working their way up the ranks (currently ranked #4 in the nation) this cohesive team could prove to be Jim Boeheim’s golden ticket to another championship!

After demolishing Georgetown 73-56 (after a rocky start) and witnessing Kentucky (the #1 ranked team) lose to un-ranked South Carolina in last night’s upset, it will be interesting to see where Syracuse ends up in the rankings. Syracuse currently boasts a 20-1 record… with their only loss of the season to #17 Pitt.

Last year, Syracuse credited super-star players Johnny Flynn and Eric Devendorf for their success in making it to the Sweet 16 last year. Although it’s hard to ignore the superstar power of Wesley Johnson and Andy Rautins, the Syracuse team as a whole stands out as a cohesive team whose athleticism and impeccable communication skills on the court makes them an unstoppable force. Oh and how could I fail to mention their mastery of Boeheim’s zone defense.

With an amazing starting lineup and a strong bench, this team might be the most well balanced team in the nation. Their on and off court chemistry is undeniable:

Senior guard Andy Rautins: “That takes all five guys being on the same page. It takes chemistry, verbal commitment, talking all the time, making adjustments on the fly, staying active and maintaining your energy.”

Iowa State transfer, Wes Johnson : “We’re all good friends, and we’re all a big strong family. And that carries over to the court.”

(USA Today: No.4 Syracuse rides teamwork, new star on path to 20-1 start)

This team is definitely making this Syracuse Alum proud! Go ‘Cuse! Don’t miss their next game on Saturday against DePaul and make sure to follow @SUOrangeEmpire for all the latest on the team.


One thought on “No Stoppin’ 20-1 Syracuse!

  1. Syracuse is looking GOOD. I’m a little nervous about their play though. Rautins has developed into SUCH and awesome leader for SU. Pumped for the Georgetown/SU game on the 18th!

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