STILLERSTRONG. The serious side of Ben Stiller? Yes. A charity established to support a serious cause but not without creativity, innovation and of course, humor. On a visit to Haiti last year, Ben witnessed the horrendous hardships and poverty that were prevalent in the region (even before the devestation of the earthquake) and decided to take action to help the children of Haiti by establishing STILLERSTRONG.

To create buzz and excitement for a cause very close to his heart, Ben used a bit of comedic creativity to launch a viral STILLERSTRONG movement. Through his use of social media outlets, Ben is successfully bringing together laughs and charity.

I’ll let Ben explain:

Even before the recent earthquake tragedy, Ben Stiller was serious about working with Save the Children foundation to better the lives of the children in Haiti by helping to bring clean water, food and quality education to the locals.

In light of the recent tragedy, Ben announced that all donations to STILLERSTRONG would be redirected to the emergency relief efforts in Haiti.

I just made my own donation to STILLERSTRONG and think if everyone can give a little, we can really help make a difference! It’s super easy to donate, check it out: Stillerstrong.org. Also, help spread the word about this great cause and show your support by tweeting #STILLERSTRONG.


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