Tweet For Charity (Social Media Pt. 2)

Tweeting for a charity is a becoming a noteworthy trend. It’s a great example of how companies are using social media’s powerful reach for a positive cause. What better way to spread awareness about a cause and help raise money with the simple tweet of a hashtag?

One example is the #BreastCancer hashtag. For each time that #BreastCancer is mentioned in a tweet, 1 cent is donated to cancer research. The beauty of this initiative is that you and I don’t even have to take out our checkbooks to help raise money for this cause. In this case, MillerCoors and ebay/PayPal pick up the donation tab in our name. (

Another example of a charitable tweeting campaign was the #NoKidHungry hashtag initiative where Domino Sugar agreed to donate $1 (up to $5,000) to the Share Our Strength Organization for each mention of the #NoKidHungry hashtag to help fight childhood hunger in the USA!

With the help of influential tweeters (those with large followings) awareness is quickly spread about the causes and funds are raised. Companies who organize and fund these initiatives gain positive PR and more importantly, worthy causes receive the monetary benefit. It’s a win-win situation.

Just one example of how social media’s power can be used in a positive and fun way.

To be continued…


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